Scorpions! Need we say more about an arachnid that conjures fear and loathing in many people’s minds? There are about 23 different types of scorpions here in Las Vegas. They have a hard exterior and require the proper type of pest control. Most are just nuisance pests except for one; the Arizona bark scorpion. Yep, you probably heard right, they came in on palm trees, where hundreds can be on a single tree and made the valley their home. They have a poison sting (the most venomous in the U.S.) and are most dangerous to young children, the elderly and cats and small dogs. We hunt scorpions using black lights as they are fluorescent and can be found in shoes, gloves, boxes, under beds and various dark places in and around your home. They do climb interior and exterior walls. Wind Scorpions (Solifugae) are found in the valley and while not classified as poison, do cause a painful and possible ragged bite due to powerful muscles in their chelicerae if handled and disturbed.