Pigeons are pesky birds that poop on our cars with reckless abandon. They don’t care that you just washed it. We don’t want to exterminate them, just exclude them. In other words, we will make it so they never want to decorate your porch or car again.

• Pigeons or more commonly the feral pigeon, (rock doves) that inhabit Las Vegas are not endangered nor listed as protected birds. These birds have basically taken over the area because of easy and unimpaired access to hundreds of thousands of roof tops and eaves. They do not migrate and can usually find their way back to your home even from about 100 miles away. They will eat seeds, insects, fruit and vegetation and scavenge trash and food from humans. Pigeons leave a large amount of toxic droppings that accumulate on roofs, ground areas and vehicles. This poop is also caustic to paint, tile and wood surfaces. There are dangerous to human diseases found in their droppings that include; salmonella food poisoning, encephalitis, toxoplasmosis and also parasites like mites, lice, fleas and ticks. Exclusion methods are the most common form of pigeon control and we provide a complete estimate and exclusion/control plan for these birds.